Residential area Vendervaart

Since 2014, C2C ExpoLAB has been active as a consultant in the Venlo residential area Vendervaart (formerly Puraverde) on the oude Turfstraat in the residential district of ‘t Ven’.

It will be realised in several phases, during the first of which 9 houses will be built. The project is inspired by the principles of the Cradle to Cradle concept.

An agreement between the municipality of Venlo and the developer Jongen Bouwbedrijf formed the basis for the C2C ambitions of the project. These ambitions were defined in an evaluation matrix and translated into concrete agreements in 5 areas:

– Use of circular use of materials;
– Use of renewable energies;
– Design for disassembly
– Design of water cycles
– Design of conditions favourable to health and climate

C2C ExpoLAB has supported Jongen Bouwbedrijf from the concretisation of the circular ambitions from the goal setting and the setting out of the assessment matrix to its implementation in the building design.