Circular Construction

C2C ExpoLAB supports projects with big aspirations in the field of circularity and sustainability.

Procurement / tender

Incorporating circular principles at the earliest possible stage in the process ensures optimal results.


We regularly provide lectures, inspiration sessions and master classes to inspire those from the construction industry, business community and government.

Project Management

Making the transition from a linear to a cyclical economy requires an alternative approach.

Venlo city hall

In 2007, the municipality of Venlo decided to build a new city hall. The application of C2C principles was an important starting point for the new building. The C2C ambition translates into the dream of creating a building which functions as a resource bank that actively generates energy, purifies water and improves air quality. In essence, a building that delivers genuine added value.

C2C ExpoLAB supported the municipality of Venlo in the realisation of its cradle to cradle ambitions, from the initiation phase right up to its commission. We provided guidance and advice during the design & construction process and input for tenders, business cases, various inspiration sessions and guided tours.

16,9 million

in savings


residual furniture value


own energy generation


sick leave reduction


C2C materials


We make intelligent links between sustainable solutions and actively search for synergy benefits. This enables us to raise the bar in each and every project and realise genuine added value for our clients.

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