Venlo city hall

Unique to Venlo city hall is the circular business case. This project proves that a circular economy pays. Some at-a-glance data:

  • Project budget of circa €50 million;
  •  Total sustainability measures package of approximately €3.4 million;
  • Financial revenue from sustainability measures: €16.9 million;
  • Positive cash flow from year 1.

The residual value of the building’s materials was also considered. A residual value of 5% implies annual savings of 175,000 euros. In this case, however, it is estimated that the actual residual value will be even higher.

Agreements were also made with suppliers on take-back and residual value. For example, the furniture tender has led to a guaranteed residual value of 18% of the original purchase price, including bank guarantee. In addition, the supplier takes care of maintenance costs. The municipality of Venlo is thus guaranteed that their furniture will retain a residual value of approximately €300,000 after a 10-year period of use.

Research shows that only 10% of costs are attributed to energy and construction, whilst the other 90% are related to users. The creation of a healthy working environment is expected to make a positive contribution to the reduction of absenteeism and simultaneously boost productivity, resulting in substantial savings for the organisation. These ‘soft’ returns are currently being monitored. And, as revenue was not included in the business case, the results may be significantly higher than currently anticipated.