C2C tool for primary school buildings

The offers of the municipality of Venlo to hold C2C inspirational events at various educational institutions through the C2C ExpoLAB and other partners are paying off: The interest in implementing C2C in primary schools in the Venlo region is growing.
For this reason, in 2021, the municipality of Venlo requested an analysis tool and consultancy from the C2C ExpoLAB to inspire primary school building projects in the Venlo region about the possibilities to implement the C2C philosophy (circular economy and health) in primary schools.
The tool is a menu of options for designing a C2C-inspired primary school building. It helps to select
1) Objectives
Currently, there are no existing examples or guidelines for implementing a building that is 100% C2C.
Therefore, we recommend municipalities to define C2C ambitions, focus and minimum requirements in advance.
2) Design solutions and examples
To implement the legal objectives, the tool provides suggestions for possible design approaches and options that educational institutions can choose from.
3) Management and control
During the design and tendering and construction process, the selected design solutions can be managed and checked against the predetermined requirements and wishes.