About C2C ExpoLAB in Venlo

Would you like to create a positive impact, just like us? A building that facilitates your processes optimal, healthy is for the users, add value to the environment and which helps you to save money? Are you curious about the changes and possibilities?

We believe in a positive world and it gives us energy to contribute to that. There is a clear need to rethink the way we use our raw materials and to design buildings that add value and create positive impacts.

The C2C ExpoLAB is a network organization and we use the credo “inspire, seduce, unburden”. We inspire others to apply the circular principles on a practical and pragmatic way, within the built environment and government. By combining solutions in a smart way, we search for synergy benefits. In every project we try to raise the bar.

If you focus on costs, quality goes down. If you focus on quality, cost go down.
    – Gerco Rietveld