About C2C ExpoLAB in Venlo

C2C ExpoLAB has gained unique knowledge and experience in the practical application of the cradle to cradle principles and the circular economy within the built environment and (governmental) building processes. C2C ExpoLAB helps both principals and contractors of (public) buildings, to add value and save & earn money based on the principles of cradle to cradle en circular economy.

Reaching a maximum collective added value, from a holistic approach, is key. Thereby, it is essential to include the circular approach of cradle to cradle as much as possible at the ‘front’ of the process.

Our drivers:
Positivity, Effectivity, Quality



Our advantages:
* Knowledge and experience
* Network
* Non-Profit
* Young
* C2C-Centre
* Independent

On our website we will show some practical examples, within our focus areas: Built Environment, Government and City of Venlo.

We believe in a positive world and it gives us energy to contribute to that. There is a clear need to rethink the way we use our raw materials and to design buildings that add value and create positive impacts.

Building a positive future and business.
We go beyond sustainability

Animation movie about C2C ExpoLAB in Venlo
We made a short animation movie that explains within 1,5 minutes what the C2C ExpoLAB can do for you!